Short Stories

John’s stories have appeared in numerous journals and magazines, including The Kansas Quarterly, The Sonora Review, Folio, The Crescent Review, Denver Quarterly, Cream City Review, Brooklyn Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, Carolina Quarterly, The Beloit Fiction Quarterly, The Literary Review, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Cutbank, The Massachusetts Review, Prime Number, Literary Juice, Front Porch Review, The Baltimore Review, StoryQuarterly., and the Norton anthology, FLASH FICTION FORWARD.
His short story collection, The Hyena Man and Other Stories, is currently in search of a publisher.

  • The Hyena Man

    There’s a place in eastern Ethiopia where a man feeds hyenas by hand.  He’s called the Hyena Man.  For a few dollars he’ll give you a stick with some meat on the end, and you can feed the hyenas, too.  This takes place at night, near a big bonfire.  The hyenas come in from the […]

  • The Drowning Bear

    The bear has fallen through the ice and is drowning.  Who will try to save him?  You are a lover of nature, but there are limits.  Even if you planned carefully it would be a dangerous episode.  The bear in his panic might not understand that you had come to help.  Even now he is […]

  • The Deer

    The deer come at night.  They visit the birdbath where a little battery-powered “Wiggler” keeps the water from freezing.  We know because we see their tracks in the snow the next morning and because the next day we must replenish the water.  Actually, Lora does this, her balance is better than mine.    It is February […]